About Us

Ride-hailing is the fast-growing business today. Lives are changed at an unprecedented rate through the technological advancements that humankind can ever think upon. Through Tranznexs we infuse the upgraded technology in ride-hailing business for service quality and profit enhancement.

When Tranznexs was born we had one vision – “To be the best in business”, to build that empire we operate, to transform the way we assimilate and understand each of us, to eliminate the barriers that bind us progressing further. Improvements never stop and that is why at Tranznexs we constantly enhancing ourselves faster to deliver success at a unique rate.

Tranznexs evolved from its parent company Webnexs. Since with 7 years of its inception, webnexs has marked a unique presence with 23 products and serviced clients with 100% success rate that something it has to take pride in. But never-ending & marching forward, the thought process is always pruned to serve people better and transform people towards betterment.

Tranznexs believes in Technological Innovation which motivates the company to infuse the technology in a business-like Ride-hailing. We are focusing on innovation that can help millions of people move up financially sooner or later.